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Archimedes Academy Online provides quality junior high and high school science classes geared toward home school students. Students learn not simply to memorize facts, but rather to understand underlying principles and then to apply those principles when solving problems. Our goal is to teach students to apply scientific knowledge and principles while thinking critically about real world topics from a Christian perspective.
We are currently offering online courses in physical science, biology, chemistry, and advanced chemistry.

*Painting by Domenico Fetti, Archimedes Thoughtful (1620)

Why "Archimedes"?
Archimedes of Syracuse was a famous mathematician and engineer born in Sicily (c.287 BC). Among his many discoveries and inventions, Archimedes is perhaps best known for discovering the relationship between the volume of an object in liquid and the volume of the liquid it displaces. Legend has it that Archimedes was attempting to determine the volume of a gold crown and discovered this principle while taking a bath, causing him to run through the streets shouting, "Eureka!" (I have found it!) Archimedes died during the Second Punic War (c.212 BC) when the town of Syracuse was captured by the Romans, because (again according to legend) he was too interested in his studies to heed the commands of the conquering Romans. The goal of Archimedes Academy Online is to teach students to find and observe scientific principles in everyday situations, following in the fine tradition of Archimedes of Syracuse.

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